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the coup

Pronounced the.Ku

(1)  A group committed to driving a disruptive and new approach to talent solutions, but remaining true to foundational principles of matching people to organisations.

(2) A team who hold unparalleled experience in talent solutions and provide advisory services to a variety of organisations.

(3) A sudden instance of perfect harmony and alignment between people and organisations. Origins come from French word “coup de foudre”.

The recruitment team

Talent is

As you grow, Talent is everything, we know how critical that is. We've worked for start-ups, built start-ups and we've founded our own. We have real, on-the-ground experience with the region's leading start-ups.

Every innovation promises change and improvement, but matching people to organisations remains an essentially human skill that is perfected through a blend of experience and passion. The Coup brings years of both.

Talent Solutions.

Whether you’re big or small, local or global, our process will be tailored to you, remaining simple at heart. Learn the business, understand the culture, articulate the objectives, adapt and grow alongside you. What you’re looking for is not a profile but a person. A human being that will not only fit the role and the organisation, but elevate it. Experience and skills are important, but so are behaviour and values, character and personality.

Starting a

We intend to have a big impact. We do this by becoming part of your organisation throughout the process, as sometimes you have to live and breathe a business in order to understand what it really takes to fit in and succeed.

We’re committed to doing the right thing – for our clients, for our candidates and for our communities. A portion of our profit goes to carefully selected not-for-profit organisations close to our hearts.


the coup recruitment



When you need a recruitment solution that offers more than just search-and-selection. We design, implement and execute a recruitment solution as an embedded team within your company. We are with you onsite or remotely as a part of your organisation, providing end-to-end talent acquisition. For start-ups and scale-ups this provides a cost effective solution for fast recruitment, removing administrative headaches from those who have their own jobs to do.


With over 40 years hiring for some of the world's most recognisable organisations, including the Middle East's first unicorn, we are experts in finding talent for start-ups and scale-ups across all sectors where technology is the backbone. We provide industry insights in order to get the correct fit both in skillset and team dynamic. We are ruthlessly honest in our processes and set tough expectations of our clients when it comes to candidate experience. If we wouldn't work for you, we won't work with you.


We build companies. From creating cultures, employer branding to implementing processes, we have helped some of the regions’ most successful start-ups hire and scale their teams. Anyone can recruit, not everyone can recruit well and recognise that the candidate experience is the first part of your retention process. From technology to training, The Coup provide short or long term consultancy support in order for you to nail your recruitment process and therefore ability to attract and retain the best talent.
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Zahra Ahmed



The team at aren’t your typical cookie-cutter headhunting firm. They are, in my opinion, the best in the game. In a post-Covid world you want to partner with a team that is able to focus on getting the best talent out there, irrespective of their location - not simply go through their rolodex of existing network that everyone else is going after. Whether you’re a start-up looking for that key up-and-coming talent or a fortune 100 looking for seasoned vets, you can rest assured you’ll be in good hands. If the talent you’re looking for is out there, this team will work tirelessly to find them!
Omar Chihane
Zahra doesn’t just follow instructions from us, but also contributes her own insights from the industry and years of expertise as a recruiter. The process was so good that it became a struggle when I had to decide whom to choose from her recommendations. I appreciate Zahra for her passion and dedication, which bring our team valuable assets.
Carrie Fang
Chief Operating Officer, PayBy
I was amazed by the professionalism of Zahra - receptive, proactive, challenging and improved our briefings. In the recruitment we did together, she brought immense value to our organization. I highly recommend her for senior-level recruitment in tech.
Rodrigo Campos
Chief Operating Officer, Hyke
"Lee is one of the most talented people I worked with, hand to hand with her, we were able to find the best talent around the region and build an amazing team, she is a very smart humble person."
Qais Amori
Head of Engineering, Seera Group (Tajawal)
"I had the distinct opportunity to have Lee helping me in hiring an entire Digital organization in Seera. Lee took over the project in a difficult time and turned it into success. The team that she hired is now managing the entire technology and digital of one most innovative travel platforms in the region. She embraced my vision of the perfect team and she made it her's with great commitment and ownership."
Wassim AlKhayat
Director Technology & Innovation, Confidential
"Ayse is a very trusted, professional and reliable Talent Acquisition partner- especially in the Digital field. I could always count on her even for very challenging project because of her strong perseverance in achieving goals for her clients. I would always recommend her to any company that is looking for a person with a real sense of partnership and constant commitment to deliver results."
Giuseppe Bonaccorsi
Managing Director & Partner, BCG

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